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Fight Back

Think your POWER BILL was HIGH last summer? You haven’t seen anything yet!

YOU can FIGHT BACK! Solar Panels make electric power--just like you buy from the power company--safely and without using fresh water.

Now, TODAY, your solar system will cost less than paying your electric bill. Using Georgia Power’s average power consumption of a 1000 Kilowatts per month per home as an example, 12 months X 1000KW is 12,000KW at a cost of $1560.00 X 10 years is $15,600.00.*
However, power rates are predicted to increaseby 30% or more over the next 10 years. So, $15,600 PLUS 30% is $20,280.  
A Photovoltaic Solar Panel system is rated by the amount of KW’s it will generate at peak in one hour. An 8KW system will produce 8KW per hour. Here in the south we average 5.1 peak sun hours per day.
So, 8KW X 5.1 is 40.4KW per day X 365 days is 14,746KW. So an 8KW photovoltaic system will power an average home for the year, no problem.
Also, the systems have a 25 year warranty and may last as long as 50 years. Plus, homeowners will not need any money upfront with loan approval. 
Even better? The GOVERNMENT gives you tax credit for installing the system!
  • Federal tax credit is $9000.00 that’s dollar for dollar against the tax you have to pay.
  • That leaves just $10,500 as your balance...
For ALL the energy you will need for at least 25 years--FAR LESS than what you will pay the power company in that time! 
START PAYING YOURSELF, call SolarSmith to get started today.
*You may be below or above annual average usage. You may need a few more or less solar panels to meet your needs. 


Business/Commercial Example:
Georgia Power will allow 100KW name plate for commercial purposes. Your harvest in one year is 132,666KW or $16,000 per year. After Federal and State Tax Credits, Just $110,000: Divide by 16k is 6.8 years to your breakeven point. Then no more power bills!

Salvage value of the system $5000 from 1 to 25 years. (Please let me know, I will be interested) Plus a conservative increase of 3% per year over 5 years in the cost of energy and your breakeven is 4.7 years.
Sunshine is a cash crop and you're in business already! This is just an add on for you.

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